Are you corporate?
No, we are a locally owned and operated shop.

Where did you come up with the recipes?
All from the noggin of the owner
How did the owner get started in the food business?
From learning how to cook with his mother, to dishwashing and serving at the age of 15, working at different restaurants, until decades later, finally creating Hungry Guys Kitchen.
What are the core values of Hungry Guys?
Serving the public food that we would serve ourselves and our family members. Tasty, healthy, fresh, belly filling but not busting, put a smile on your face food.
Thoughts on ingredients?
Let those babies shine. Clean, unadulterated, why mess with these gifts that Mother Nature provides. We strive to source and use only (whenever humanly possible): local, sustainable, free-run, responsibly raised, free of GMO, free of – artificial flavorings, colors, sweeteners, trans fat, preservatives – ingredients…at all times, scouts honor.
Cooking on site?
Of course, wouldn’t do it any other way. We cut, chop, cut, squeeze, mix, sauté, you name it all on site. No getting stuff from the corporate office and heating it up here.
Why burritos, bowls, and salads?
Besides the taste factor? Endless combinations and ingredients that actually do the body good.
What about packaging and the space?
We should all do our part in minimizing waste. Recycled, recyclable, compostable, reusable, biodegradable…you’ll see that on our utensils, containers, furniture, take out bags, etc.
Why the name “Hungry Guys”? Is it gender specific?
What the duck? Of course it’s not gender specific. We welcome everyone, all humans, all space aliens, intergalactic beings, etc. The name is a tribute to our mother who would ask us as soon as we stepped in the door “ Are you hungry, guys?”
Anything else you want to say?
Come in if you want good food fast, but stay a while too since we’ll have cool music and wi-fi.